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Acquisitions frequently cause clashes between company cultures, distrust between companies, and loss of key staff and managers. As a result, one half to two-thirds of all acquisitions fail to meet expectations. Strayer consultants have identified a series of factors that determine acquisition integration success and have incorporated those success factors into the Strayer Acquisition Integration Model. Our Acquisition Integration services include:

  • Pre Acquisition structure and process
  • Assessment of key management talent within the two companies
  • Completion of an organizational audit to evaluate issues and barriers in these areas:
    • Cultural Compatibility
    • Process Compatibility
    • Strategic and Operational Clarity
    • Leadership Capability
    • Team Functioning

Post Acquisition

  • People transition planning
  • Selection and Preparation of New Leaders
  • Acquisition Communications
  • Culture Integration
  • Employee “pulsing” (monitoring attitudes about the acquisition)
  • Acquisition Hot Spot Identification & Intervention
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Integration