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Our assessment processes create awareness of your company's strengths, identify areas for further development, and unlock potential resources. We have achieved an excellent track record through assessment of organizations, teams, and individuals.

Organizational Assessment
Understanding the real systems and culture that drive your company is crucial for implementing sustainable change. The Strayer Organizational Assessment combines the science of data gathering with the art of interpretation to create an accurate portrait of your company. This portrait may include culture, leadership, strategic alignment, and opportunities for system and process improvement.

Team Assessment
Team dynamics can make the difference between a synergistic group and a dysfunctional committee. The Strayer Team Assessment includes diagnosis of group direction, roles, communication mechanisms, styles, and group norms. As part of the process, conflicts often surface and are resolved. The result is a better functioning team and more cohesive team.

Individual Assessment
It's all about fit. Our method ensures an accurate assessment of the two key pieces of the puzzle: the candidate and the company. Through our expertise in leadership behavior and psychology, we create an in-depth profile of the candidate's leadership skills, style, ego management, and growth potential. We compare and contrast these factors with the company's culture, business model, leadership style, and the needs of the position.

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