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Claremont Graduate University newsletter: Spring/Summer 2009
"A Chat with a Successful Consultant (and CGU alumnus)"
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PE HUB : December 9, 2008
"Talking with Silicon Valley's Favorite Psychologist,
Dick Strayer: Part One"
Author: Connie Loizos
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PE HUB : December 10, 2008
"Talking with Silicon Valley's Favorite Psychologist,
Dick Strayer: Part Two"

Author: Connie Loizos
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Chief Executive : May 9, 2008
"Zen and the Art of Startup Maintenance"
Author: Graeme Thickins
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The Deal : April 17, 2006
"Helping VCs Help Themselves"
Author: Olaf De Senerpont Domis
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VCJ: November 1, 2005
"Can This Relationship be Saved?"
Author: Constance Loizos
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Wall Street Journal; October 21, 2003
"For Investors, Founders are
Short-Term CEOs"
Author: Jeff Bailey

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Inc magazine, March 2003
"Do I Still Have The Right Stuff?"
Click for full story, August 13, 2002
"What Makes CFOs Tick?"
Author: by Marie Leone
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Financial Times; Mar 6, 2002
"Global Investing"
Venture capitalists look for outside help in a
harsh climate: Funds are increasingly calling
on consulting companies as they find
themselves in unfamiliar territory.

Author: Alison Beard
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Inc magazine; June 1, 2002
"The Most Dangerous Hire"
Author: Jennifer Reingold
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Los Gatos Weekly; March 27, 2002
"Teen Place"
Author: Gloria I. Wang
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Fortune Magazine; June 2, 2001
"Fortune's Cool List: Cool 2001"
Author: Lee Clifford

Click for full story; May 21, 2001
'VC’s and Start Ups - Suck it Up, Part 2"
Author: Lawrence Aragon

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