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The traditional partnership structure of venture capital firms can pose unique challenges in achieving maximum individual and group effectiveness. Partnership teams are tasked to map strategies; make critical investment decisions; and track progress of investments drawing principally on their own talents, instincts, and insights as individual professionals. The absence of designated singular leaders such as those found in hierarchical organizations makes it difficult to address critical internal organizational and behavioral issues such as interpersonal communication, open feedback exchange, and assessment of individual partner performance.

The Strayer Consulting Group has evolved a set of consulting services especially geared to venture consulting partnerships.

  • 360* Feedback for Partners
  • Team Development for the Partnership
  • Organizational Planning
  • Portfolio CEO Roundtables: Advisors & CEO Groups
  • Management Due Diligence On Potential Investments
  • Selection Interviewing of New CEO's
  • Organization Start-up Consultation to Seed Ventures
  • Portfolio Company Assessment and Organization